Update (part 1): Sergio Romo likes my art!


Sorry long time no post:

A few weeks ago I did a drawing of San Francisco Giant’s pitcher Sergio Romo, one of my favorite players. The next day, I received a tweet from him asking for a copy of the drawing. Fast forward to one week later when they came back to San Francisco to face the Padres and:

Romo made my drawing his twitter profile pic!

It’s very flattering when anybody says they like my art, but when the subject of the drawing actually wants a piece I did it’s especially meaningful. When I talked to him, he thanked me and said he’d put it up in his locker.
Thanks Romo for making my season! And you’re welcome – it’s the least I could do after what you and the Giants did for us fans in 2010.
PS – if anybody else wants a print, click here.
@jsos (Justin)

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