Greendale Seven Poster

In honor of Community’s return, I created an 11″x17″ poster! Tell your friends – THURSDAY, March 15 – 8pm on NBC. Watch watch watch.

Want a print? E-mail me at jsosdesign [at] gmail [dot] com

~Justin ( @jsos )

EDIT: For those from the darker timeline, I created this for you:

Minimalist Community Cast

Hello! Such great news for Community this week. If you haven’t heard, NBC’s Community is returning to Thursdays starting next week. In celebration, I decided to create an illustration of the Community cast done in my minimalist style. Have a look!

I based their style loosely on what they typically wear on the show, and I think if you stare long enough at it you can figure out who is who. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Justin (@jsos)

Minimalist Invincible Characters

After attending the first EVER Image Comic Expo, I was inspired to do some fan-art for probably the greatest comic in the universe, Invincible. I decided to create minimalist versions of some of my favorite comics from the Invinci-world. See if you can identify them all! Detail/Close-ups in the Gallery. Enjoy! ~jsos

UPDATE 3/01/12: Part 2: with a bunch of villains and a few more heroes.