Sergio Romo: Gunslinger

Sergio Romo has become one of my favorite pitchers for the San Francisco Giants. He is known for his “no-dot slider” – a filthy pitch that behaves like a typical slider, but with a special rotation where there is no red dot visible on the ball for the batter to look out for.

Here is a sketch of him I did with a silly “Early 1900s baseball meets the Old West” theme in mind. Why? Because Romo is an old school gunslinger.

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Saga: This is how an idea becomes real

jsos marko
jsos marko
Marko says, "Haltu! Go read Saga!"

Just read Saga Chapter ONE and my first thought was “Epic.”¬†Embarrassingly, I said this out loud. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples have created an immediately huge world, and even with so much information in the first issue, I found myself wanting to know everything about this universe.

I’m looking forward to more adventure, funny dialogue, and beautiful art in the upcoming chapters, and in the meantime, I was inspired to do a little fan art. The image above is my take on Marko. He has horns, a sword he swears he won’t use ever again, and magic blue fire. ENJOY!

~ jsos


Superbeard vs. Batfreak

Superheroes and Giant’s Baseball

After reading Craig Calcaterra’s article¬†about San Francisco Giant’s ace, Tim “the Freak” Lincecum and All-Star Closer Brian “the Beard” Wilson’s disagreement over who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman, I had no choice but to literally illustrate my point. I tried to make the sketch as impartial as I could – but for the record: Superman would beat Batman ANYDAY. Enjoy!

Superbeard vs Batfreak
Superbeard vs Batfreak


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