Sergio Romo: #THANKSwhatsUP


I met Sergio Romo briefly in May 2012. I drew a picture of him and to my surprise he saw it on twitter and asked for a copy. I met him by the dugout during a home game – he was super appreciative and told me he’d hang up my art in his locker. jsos-and-romo romo_drawing_01-400x300

With the news of Romo going to play for the Dodgers, one of my first thoughts was, “He’s gonna need some new art for his locker!” So, I drew this for him:


Dodger fans, you’re gonna love him.

Thank you, Romo and best of luck!


-Justin (@jsos)

Bartkira: Complete!

Below are my pages for Bartkira: Volume 1, pages 61-65






Probably the most intensive comic project to date I’ve worked on – requiring me to use pencil, pen, wacom tablet (for inks), photoshop (for coloring), and illustrator (for lettering)

Not having done a proper comic page before, to do 5 was definitely a so-called trial by fire. I learned a ton on how to compose and execute a comic page from studying the original pages of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira.

More info on Ryan Humphrey and James Harvey’s epic project.