Rick and Morty in the 1920s

Drew this at the live San Francisco taping of Harmontown! Dan, Jeff, Erin, special guest Joel Hodgson (creator of mystery science theatre 3000, and Spencer were all hilarious.

Dan was kind enough to sign my sketch of “classic” Rick and Morty and I was able to give him my Brita Bot Blueprint print!


Stay tuned, I’ve got one more SF harmontown-specific doodle to upload later this weekend.

Forever 100 years,
Justin Crisostomo

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Real Neil

Below is my submission for Vanessa aka @quietsnooze’s interactive group project.


Real_Neil_Jsos_650x361BEHOLD! Real Neil of the clan Ducane from my favorite Community episode, “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” played by Charlie Koontz.

I met him briefly at Communicon and besides being the star of my favorite episode, the man is a San Francisco Giants fan. Follow him on the twitters.

Me (@jsos) and Charlie Koontz (@charlie_koontz) at Communicon!

Community airs Thursday Nights at 8pm on NBC.

See you guys later!

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